11.6 Slim 30pin 1366×768 N116BGE-EA2 Acer C720 Chromebook left & right Mount

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Warranty : 3 Months RTB

Panel Size : 11.6 inch
Dot Resolution : 1366(RGB)X768 (WXGA)
Pixel Configuration : RGB Vertical Stripe
Pixel Density : 135 PPI
Aspect Ratio : 16:9 (H:V)
Form Factor : Flat Rectangle Display
Pixel Pitch : 0.1875X0.1875 mm (HXV)
Weight : 200/210g (Typ./Max.)
Surface : Antiglare, Hard coating (3H) [Glare = Glossy Antiglare = Matte]
Active Area : 256.125X144.0 mm (HXV)
Bezel Area : 259.125X146.8 mm (HXV)
Outline Dimension : 278.0X167.9 mm (HXV)
Outline Depth : 2.85/3.0 (Typ./Max.) mm
Holes & Brackets : Face mounting holes (8 pcs) on left, right slugs
Touch Panel : Without
30 pin edp

Third Party Screen

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Compatible Part Numbers:
783089-001 B116XAN02.0 B116XAN03.0 HW0A B116XAN03.2 B116XAN04.0
B116XTN02.0 B116XTN02.1 B116XTN04.0 B116XW03 V0 B116XW03 V1
LP116WH4-SLP1 LP116WH6-SPA1 M116NWR1 R3 M116NWR1 R7 N116BGE-E32
N116BGE-E42 N116BGE-EA2 N116BGE-EB2 N116BGE-EB2 Rec.C3 N116BGE-L11
N116BGE-L21 N116BGE-L31 N116BGE-L41 N116BGE-L42 N116BGE-LA1
N116BGE-P32 N116BGE-P42 NT116WHM-N10 NT116WHM-N11 NT116WHM-N21

Compatible Model Numbers:
11.6 LED HD SVA AG flat 11 11-r007TU 11-R008TU
Acer Aspire E3-111 Acer Aspire One Cloudbook AO1-131 Acer Chromebook C720 C730 C200
Acer TravelMate B115-M Acer TRAVELMATE B115-M-C84G AO1-131M
B115-MP B116-M B-116-MP
B116XTN02.3 C720-2103 C720-2420
C720-2800 C720-2802 C720-2844
C720-2848 Chromebook 11 G4 E3-112
E3-112M ES1-111 ES1-111M
ES1-131 HP 11 N2840 11.6 2GB/16 HSPA JAB PC HP 11 N2840 11.6 4GB/16 HSPA JAB PC
HP Chromebook 11 2100 SERIES HP Chromebook 11 2102TU HP Chromebook 11 2103TU
HP Chromebook 11 2200 SERIES HP Chromebook 11 2200NB HP Chromebook 11 2201NA
HP Chromebook 11 2201TU HP Chromebook 11 2202TU HP Chromebook 11 2203TU
HP Chromebook 11 G3 HP CHROMEBOOK 11 G3 PCNB HP Chromebook 11 N2830 11 2GB/16 HSPA PC
HP Chromebook 11 N2840 11 2GB/16 JAB PC HP Chromebook 11 N2840 11 4GB/16 JAB PC HP Chromebook 11 N2840 11.6 2GB/16 PC
HP Chromebook 11 N2840 11.6 4GB/16 PC HP Chromebook 11-2100 SERIES HP Chromebook 11-2101TU
HP Chromebook 11-2102TU HP Chromebook 11-2103TU HP Chromebook 11-2104TU
HP CHROMEBOOK 11-2110NR PC HP Chromebook 11-2200 SERIES HP Chromebook 11-2200NB
HP Chromebook 11-2201NA HP Chromebook 11-2201TU HP Chromebook 11-2202TU
HP Chromebook 11-2203TU HP Notebook 11-f001TU HP Notebook 11-f002TU
HP Notebook 11-f003TU HP Notebook 11-f004TU HP Notebook 11-f005TU
HP Notebook 11-f006TU HP Notebook 11-f007TU HP Notebook 11-f008TU
HP Notebook 11-f009TU HP Notebook 11-f010TU HP Notebook 11-f011TU
HP Notebook 11-f012TU HP Notebook 11-f013TU HP Notebook 11-f014TU
HP Notebook 11-f015TU HP Stream 11-r007TU HP-Compaq STREAM 11-R008TU
KL.11605.017 KL.11605.020 KL.11605.034
KL.1160D.012 Lenovo Chromebook 11 N116BGE-EA2
SRP/HP Chromebook 11 G3 AUST STREAM

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