15.6 Inch LED LCD 16:9 WXGA HD (1366*768) 40 PIN Active Matrix TFT Glossy

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Warranty : 3 Months RTB

Item: LCD Panel Screen
Model: N156BGE-L21
Size: 15.6 inchs
Resolution: 1366*768 pixels
Aspect ratio: WXGA HD
Screen Type: TFT Active Matrix Glossy
Backlight Type: LED
Data connector: 40 pin
Panel Size : 15.6 inch
Dot Resolution : 1366(RGB)X768 (WXGA)
Aspect Ratio : 16:9 (W:H)
Pixel Configuration : RGB Vertical Stripe
Pixel Pitch : 0.252X0.252 mm (WXH)
Weight : 430/445g (Typ./Max.)
Surface : Glare (Haze 0%), Hard coating (3H)
Active Area : 344.232X193.536 mm (WXH)
Bezel Area : 349.58X198.92 mm (WXH)
Outline Dimension : 359.3X209.5 mm (WXH)
Outline Depth : 5.2/5.5 (Typ./Max.) mm
Holes & Brackets : Side mounting holes (8-M2) on left, right bezel
Touch Panel : Without
Status: New, Grade A+.

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Compatible Part Numbers:
B156XTN02.2 B156XW02 V.0 B156XW02 V.1 B156XW02 V.2 B156XW02 V.3
B156XW02 V.6 B156XW02 V2 B156XW02(V.0) B156XW02(V.2) BT156GW01 V.1
BT156GW01 V.4 BT156GW01(V.2) BT156GW02 V.0 CLAA156WB11A HB156WX1-100
LP156WH2 LP156WH2(TL) LP156WH2(TL)(A1) LP156WH2(TL)(AC) LP156WH2(TL)(BA)
LP156WH4(TL)(Q2) LP156WH4-TLA1 LP156WH4-TLB1 LP156WH4-TLM1 LP156WH4-TLN1
LP156WH4-TLQ1 LP156WH4-TLR1 LTN156AT02-A04 LTN156AT02-B04 LTN156AT02-C07
LTN156AT02-D01 LTN156AT02-D09 LTN156AT02-H07 LTN156AT02-P09 LTN156AT03
LTN156AT05 LTN156AT05-D04 LTN156AT05-H01 LTN156AT05-H07 LTN156AT05-J01
LTN156AT05-U09 LTN156AT05-W01 LTN156AT05-Y02 LTN156AT06 LTN156AT07
LTN156AT09 LTN156AT10 LTN156AT15 LTN156AT15-C01 LTN156AT16-L01
LTN156AT23 LTN156AT24 LTN156AT24-P02 LTN156AT24-T01 LTN156AT27-H01
LTN156AT32-T01 M156NWR2 R.0 N156B6-L03 N156B6-L04 N156B6-L05
N156B6-L06 N156B6-L07 N156B6-L0A N156B6-L0B N156B6-LOB
N156BGE-L11 509965-001 646977-001 683482-001 Acer Aspire ES1-511-C2GS
AF1241 B156XW02 B156XW02 V.3 B156XW02(V.6) CLAA156WA11A D
CLAA156WB11 ES1-511-C2GS F2156WH4 LP156WH2(TL)(AA) LP156WH2(TL)(QB)
LP156WH2-TLE1 LP156WH2-TLQ2 LP156WH2-TLRB LP156WH4 LP156WH4(TL)(Q2)
LP156WH4-TLD1 LTN156AT02 LTN156AT02-D04 LTN156AT05-302 LTN156AT05-S06
LTN156AT09 LTN156AT09-B02 LTN156AT17 LTN156AT23 LTN156AT27-H02
Lucom Lucom F2156WH4 N156B6-L04 N156B6-L06 N156B6-L0B
N156B6-L0B REV.C1 N156B6-L0B REV.C3 N156BGE-L21 PCG-71D14W
Compatible Model Numbers:
X5DAB X5DAD XPS 15 L501X L502X
Y560p 4515S 4520S
4540S 5253 5336
5536 5542 5552
5560 5560G 5730
5730Z 5733 5733Z
5735Z 5738 5738PG
5738Z 5739 5739G
5740 5740G 5741
5741G 5742 5745G
5750 5755G 5810
5810T 615 620
6550B 8560p Acer 5236
acer aspire 5536 Acer ASPIRE E1-571-6471 Acer ASPIRE E1-571-6496
Acer ASPIRE E1-571-6636 Acer ASPIRE E1-571-6650 Acer ASPIRE E1-571-6805
Acer ASPIRE E1-571-6837 Acer Travel Mate Acer Travel Mate TM5740G-434G50MN
C650D C655 C660
C660D C665 C665D
Compaq 610 CQ56 CQ57
CQ60 CQ61 CQ62
DV6 G6 DV6-1319TX E1-571
E440 E443 E642
e6520 G6-1319TX G6-2203AU
HP 4510S HP Elitebook 8560p HP PAVILION G6-1319TX
HP pavilion G6-2203AU HP PROBOOK 4540S HP-Compaq 620
HP-Compaq PAVILION DV6-1319TX K50 K50AB
K50C K50IJ K52
K52J K52JC K53E
K53SJ-1A K53SJ-3C K53SJ-3D
K53SJ-3E K53SJ-3F K53SJ-3H
K53SJ-3I K53SJ-3J K53SV-1A
K53SV-3C K53SV-3D K53U-1A
L500 L500D-167/8/9 series L50AG
L50VG L750 L850
L850-ST2N02 Lenovo IdeaPad Y560p Lifebook A530
Lifebook AH530 Lifebook AH531 Lifebook AH550
LP156WH4-TJA1 M5110 MD 9810
N51A-1A N51TE-1A N51TE-1B
N51TP-1A N51TP-1B N51VF-1A
N51VG-1A N51VN-1B N53DA-1C
N53JF-1A N53JF-1C N53JG-1A
N53JG-1C N53JL-1A N53JN-1A
N53JN-2A N53JQ-1C N53JQ-2A
N53SV-1A N53SV-1C N53SV-2A
NP 21 NP E252 P50IJ-1A
P52F-1A P52F-2B P52JC-1A
Pavilion 1320EG Pavilion DV6-2005SW Pavilion DV6-3030ew
Pavilion DV6-3158CA Pavilion DV6-6008eg Pavilion DV6-6160ew
Pavilion DV6Z-2000 Pavilion G60 series (G60 Pavilion G6-1028sg
Pavilion G6-1030st Pavilion G6-1205ew Pavilion G62
Pavilion G62-A10SW Pavilion HP G62-A40EW PCG PCG-71211W
PCG-71311W PCG-71312W PCG-71613W
PCG-71911W Presario Series CQ56 Presario Series CQ61
ProBook 4520s Pro-F52Q-1A Pro-K50AB-1A
Pro-K50AD-1A Pro-K50AF-1A Pro-K50C-1A
Pro-K50ID-1A Pro-K50IE-1A Pro-K50IJ-1A
Pro-K50IN-1A Pro-K50IP-1A Pro-K51AC-1A
Pro-K51AE-1A Pro-K52F-1A PRO-K52JB-2C
Pro-K52JK-1AV Pro-N51VF-1A Pro-N51VG-1A
Pro-N53JF-1A Pro-N53JG-1A Pro-N53JG-1C
Pro-N53JN-1A Pro-P50IJ-1A Qosmio 10L
Qosmio 10X Qosmio F60 R519
R520 R522 R530
R540 Retail-F52Q-1A Retail-K50AB-1A
Retail-K50AD-1A Retail-K50AF-1A Retail-K50C-1A
Retail-K50C-1B Retail-K50ID-1A Retail-K50ID-1C
Retail-K50IE-1A Retail-K50IE-1C Retail-K50IJ-1A
Retail-K50IN-1A Retail-K50IP-1A Retail-K51AC-1A
Retail-K51AE-1A Retail-K52DE-1A Retail-K52DR-1A
Retail-K52F-1A Retail-K52F-2F Retail-K52JB-1A
Retail-K52JC-1A Retail-K52JK-1A Retail-K52JR-1A
Retail-K52N-1A Retail-N51TP-1A Retail-N51TP-1B
Retail-N51VF-1A Retail-N51VG-1A Retail-N51VN-1A
Retail-N53JF-1A Retail-N53JG-1A Retail-N53JG-1C
Retail-N53JN-1A Retail-P50IJ-1A RF511
RV510 RV511 RV511-A02PL
RV511-A03PL Samsung Np-rv511 Samsung NP-RV511-A01US
Satellite A500-136 Satellite C650 Satellite C650-1FK
Satellite C650D Satellite C660-11W Satellite C660D
Satellite C660D-115 Satellite C660D-15L Satellite C660D-160
Satellite L450 Satellite L450D Satellite L455
Satellite L500 Satellite L500-1xj Satellite L505
Satellite L650 Satellite L650-1EF Satellite L650D
Satellite L655 Satellite L655D Satellite L755
Satellite Pro C665 Satellite Pro L650 Satellite Pro L650-15N
Satellite Pro S500 Satellite S500 sony vaio PCG-71911W
Sony VPC-EB Studio 1555 Studio 1557
Studio 1558 Tecra A11 Tecra S11
ThinkPad E520 Edge ThinkPad SL510 Thinkpad T510
Thinkpad T510i Thinkpad W510 TM5740G-434G50MN
Toshiba C650 TOSHIBA C655 TOSHIBA C655D
Toshiba L850 Toshiba Qosmio Toshiba Satellite
Toshiba SATELLITE L850-ST2N02 Toshiba Tecra Travelmate 5740-431G32
U50VG V3 Vaio PCG-71811M
VGN-NW Vostro 3550 VPCCB35FG
VX7-1A X52 X520
X52N X53BY-SX196V X54H

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