PROMATE 6000mAh Ultra-Sleek Portable Power Bank Lithium

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PROMATE 6000mAh Ultra-Sleek Portable Power Bank. Lithium polymer battery. Automatic voltage regulation. Ultra-fast charging port. Colour Black ** PROMATE Christmas SALE **

Charge your devices on-the-go with this sleek and powerful 6000mAh lithium polymer power bank. This ultra-sleek power bank features a lightning fast USB charging port to charge any USB-chargeable device. Energi-6 also includes Automatic Voltage Regulation i.e. it provides an optimum output based on the device connected. Energi-6 is compatible with all smartphones & tablets.


6000mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery
Ultra-Fast USB Charging Port
Strong Aluminum Casing
LED Indicator
Over Charging Protection
Ultra-Fast Charging

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