Vendor Support Contact Numbers


HP Please call 0800441147 for onsite services
Apple Please call 008007666-7666 for services
ASUS After service please call 0800278778
Toshiba Please call 0800445439
Acer Please call 0800223769 for services
Samsung Please call 0800 Samsung for services
Lenovo Please call 0508770506 for services
Sony Please call 09 970-1200 for services
Fujitsu Please call 0800288283 for services


Dell Please call 0800444617 or ask customer to return to us
MAG Please call 0800484782
Philips Please call 0800657447
ASUS After service please call 0800278778
LG Please Call 0800542273
AOC Please call 0800484782
Samsung Please call 0508726786


LG Please Call 0800542273
Sony Please call 0800 766 969
Samsung Please call 0508726786


Linksys Please call 0800441528 and get the Case number before to us
D-Link Please call 0800900900 and get the Case number before to us
3Com Please call 0800446398 for forward replacement
ASUS Mon-Fri: 0800 ASUS 88


Dell Please call 0800446255 for services
TES PC Return to TES LTD
Lenovo 1 year warranty parts & labour (onsite) Ph: 0800 733 222


APC Please call 0800333373 for forward replacement
Dynamix Please call 09 415 9002 for all enquire


Brother Please call 0800454677(DOA) or 0800500751(warranty)
HP Call 0800441147 for onsite services
Samsung Please call 0508726786
Lexmark Please call 08005396275 for all enquiries


Navman Please call 08004662862 for services
Garmin End User Customer Support phone: (0800) 427 652

Software is not returnable


Intel Please call 0800444365 for replacement
ASUS After service please call 0800278778

Please keep your Invoice and Contact us for Warranty if not listed above